Ou​r North Star

A close-knit network of influential women empowering ​others. ​We advocate for, coach and invest in people who are ​doing ​things big or small to improve the world.

As a mechanism to advance the power of others, we collect and ​​spend social capital. We connect people to the collective brain ​​trust of our network and invest to advance their creative ideas ​​to drive innovation and positive change.

Social Capital is our Currency

An icon of the Old Boys’ Club where deals are done, ​relationships are strengthened, and opportunities are created ​for those lucky enough to have a seat.

The Social Capital Project was founded to provide the same ​benefits for all of us - networking, coaching, opportunities, ​and support. But we do it better - we are deliberate, ​organized. We believe everyone deserves a seat at the table.

Our Programs

the Quotient;

Coaching & Advocacy. We provide support to women to help them grow ​and navigate the working world - from office & corporate politics, ​communication & influence, to sharing our experiences and learnings. We ​serve in the roles as Coach, Advocate and Role Model.

the Network;

Member Network & Inner Circle. Members of our Network and Inner ​Circle commit to giving it generously and indiscriminately to all women ​who can use that capital to accelerate their efforts to make the world a ​better place.

the Coefficient;

Founder Support & Angel Funding. As a mechanism to advance the ​power of others, we will provide and connect them with our collective ​brain trust and angel funding to kickstart their creative ideas and drive ​further innovation and change.

Founders & Board of Directors

Founding partners and ​mentors are a diverse group ​of women made up of ​executives, doctors, lawyers ​and business owners.

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Dayton, Ohio

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